It is fantastical notion that a few well-placed keystrokes could bring down the whole American power grid and communications system.

That matters little though considering the damage potential of computer code or well-placed disruptions in the power/communications grids. No system is so secure that it cannot be broken by the person who wrote it. The American empire sits atop an imaginary hill of heaped up illusion that can be wiped away with a few well-defined keystrokes. The revolution will not be televised because your television will not work.

You could partially black out areas for a short time and disrupt some segment of the communications network. But these systems have hundreds of nodes and no single point of failure. Most major organizations have backups and contingency plans. The systems are more resilient and more decentralized than you believe. There is no one technocrat in a control room who can pull the switch on the whole economy.

Of course, even if it could be done and you were somehow able to destroy the system, you would be hated by the hundreds of millions who would then face imminent starvation and chaos. Your promise to the people is to disrupt their lives and take away their TV. That you think this way betrays a deep-seated hate for the people, a jealous envy of the many people who are doing quite well. Too many Progressives regard the traditional base of the Democrat party under FDR with disdain. They see the manufacturing, industrial, energy, agricultural, construction, and law enforcement workers as a basket of deplorables. The Democrats are now focused on identity politics and Resistance, and have largely forgotten the concerns of the working people and the middle class. Things have gotten better for them under Trump. At least he will not threaten to disrupt their TV or internet service.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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