It was completely improper for Biden to pressure a foreign country to fire any official by threatening to cut off foreign aid and giving them 6 hours and just as bad for him to brag about it. It’s a thuggish mafia way to deal with a foreign country. It was also a blatant conflict of interest for Biden to be involved in anything related to corruption investigations involving his son. You are again being deliberately dense not to acknowledge this. Suppose the mayor of your city awards a multimillion contract to a construction company that promptly gives his son a no-show job. You’d immediately see it was corrupt. We don’t need press reports that someone was supposedly cleared: we need sworn testimony in front of the US Congress from Burisma leaders about what they thought they were getting by paying the younger Biden, whether anyone told them this was necessary to keep US aid flowing. Guliani at least has sworn affidavits- you’ve got nothing that would be admissible in any court of law. We also need an investigation into the first matter Trump asked the Ukrainian President to look into: Crowdstrike and DNC servers. You can twist it all you want and declare there’s no need to investigate, but we need unbiased investigations of all of this. If everything as you say, then your side will achieve a legitimate exoneration. If innocent, the Bidens have nothing to fear and should welcome a chance to officially clear the record.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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