It’s a thoughtful analysis, and not a hate Trump tantrum. However the list of nine missteps gets lost a bit in the weeds and misses some basic themes.

Let’s grant Trump is highly transactional and easily stroked and thus ineffective at the art of the deal. He’s prone to needlessly shooting himself in the foot. He’s got little patience for strategy or tactics, and can flip flop positions in the one breath.

Still, Trump has a good intuitive grasp of the fact that the world has changed and that the ascent of globalism has stopped and that nationalism is rising in the West. For all his intelligence and knowledge, Obama presided over rising chaos, terrorism, refugee and immigration crises, failed nation states, and drawn out wars of attrition. He never could articulate what our policy was and succeeded in angering allies and emboldening adversaries. He never rose to the occasion to lead the world struggle against Radical Islamist movements, the defining struggle of the coming age. He never deterred North Korea, instead preferring an era of strategic patience that was generally and correctly understood as a synonym for inaction. He botched his strategic reset with Russia. He utterly botched Syria and Libya with unenforced red lines and leading from behind. He was utterly wrong about ISIS — it wasn’t a JV team. For a smart guy, he made a bunch of stupid remarks and remarkable mistakes.

Trump has a much better sense of how to rally the world against radical Islamist terrorism and to speak to a rising segment of anti-globalist opinion in many countries. His speech in Poland, his warm welcomes in Saudi Arabia and Israel, and so on are just examples.

Yes a more competent leader would move sharply in a coherent direction and would articulate a convincing strategy. That is not Trump. But it is not clear if in the end he won’t have better results than Obama did.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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