It’s always slightly embarrassing to have to explain to someone, supposedly mature and intelligent, that what they are taking seriously is a joke. The direct implication is that they are quite a blockhead or infinitely gullible. Did you realize the letter “G” is on the ceiling right above your head?

Well I’m a nice person and I don’t want you to struggle on in ignorance. So I’ll clue you in: when Trump called on Russia to release Hillary’s emails, the ones she had destroyed in violation of subpoena, he was making a joke. Yep, it was a joke, Pal! The point of it was to highlight how Hillary had set up a private server that was used for conducting State Department business and that it might well be vulnerable to hacking. It also spotlighted how some 30,000 of the emails were now “missing” because she had destroyed the evidence. What you think of as a big crime was a political joke. Get it?

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Here’s the kicker. Even if it wasn’t a joke, even if it was meant dead seriously, it was not a crime. No, it is not a criminal act to merely ask for the release of embarrassing private information about a political opponent. It is also definitely not criminal or even improper for the President of the United States to ask for foreign governments to investigate allegations of corruption. If you think such requests are criminal, please supply a link to the statute you think they violate.

By contrast, Biden is alleged to have run pay-for-play, influence-peddling schemes that would violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act. We need a Special Prosecutor to investigate those accusations. Seeing Hunter and other Bidens except Joe(assuming he is President) indicted for real criminal violations: now that would be no joke at all.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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