It’s perfect: not a single indictment for anything related to collusion with Russia.

He’s indicted lots of people for process crimes. General Flynn took a plea for lying but the FBI agents who interviewed him didn’t think he lied, a key bit of exculpatory evidence Meuller improperly withheld. It’s become clear Flynn took the plea as part of a deal to protect his son from prosecution.

The contrast between the Flynn “ambush” interview and the Hillary “kid glove" interview has gone a long way to establishing existence of a political bias at the higher echelons of the FBI. The IG report was scathing, but it only went so far and the IG lacked the power to subpoena or indict. Calls are mounting in Congress for a second Special Prosecutor to investigate allegations of misconduct by FBI, DOJ, and various intelligence officials.

Mueller also cleverly indicted 3 Russian companies, one of which was not in existence when it was alleged to have committed an offence.


Meanwhile the other big fish, Manafort was indicted for actions years earlier having nothing to do with the Trump campaign. The judge expressed “deep skepticism” about Mueller’s case.

Mueller needs to actually wrap up his investigation soon. Either he can make supportable allegations of something criminal related to collusion, which is not itself a crime, or he can’t. Every day that goes by without “collusion” charges just adds to the evidence he has gone off track and is now on a witch hunt.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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