It’s quite an interesting and informative piece, and so appealing and well-written most readers might miss that it is ultimately a whitewash and apologia for the violence and intimidation tactics of groups of mostly white radicals and anarchists. This piece somehow decides to ignore the hundred straight days of riots in Portland and the lawless CHAZ/CHOP zone in Seattle. Antifa is somehow justified in beating up people, torching Federal courthouses, looting Starbucks, trashing the streets, and opening fire and murdering people because …. racial justice or fighting Nazis.

That does not follow. Antifa is not promoting racial justice and it is not fighting Nazis. Antifa is trying to bring down everyone else, including all those Americans of all classes and races who fought the real Fascists, Nazis, and Japanese Militarists. The people of the Pacific Northwest made tremendous sacrifices in blood and money to defeat the actual Fascists. They produced thousands of aircraft that were critical to Allied victory.

Antifa is not shy about using street violence to advance its revolutionary movement. The author tries to frame all Antifa actions as a struggle against fringe groups of White Supremacists. But Antifa is actually an Anti-American movement. It wants to foment disorder. It loathes the American Middle class and especially hates Black Americans who are accomplished professionals and financially successful. It detests Black American police and soldiers. Don’t mention to them that America elected and reelected a Black American to be President.

Most Americans of all races and classes are proud of the progress the country has achieved providing individuals with safety, with equality under the law, and with the opportunity to have a good standard of living and prosper economically. Most Americans don’t support the small remnants of white extremism and they don’t like Antifa either. We all hope, openly or secretly, Trump will get reelected and throw the lot of them in jail for twenty years and restore peace and security to our streets.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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