Just for the record, many countries had a large mix of animus and disdain for the Obama Administration. The feckless reset with Russia, the horrible misreading of the Arab Spring, the foolish red lines and military interventions, the appeasement of the Iran Deal, all produced a foreign policy disaster. After spending a trillion dollars and losing thousands of soldiers, the US Administration was mocked and disdained all across the Mid-East, from Teheran to Cairo from Damascus to Jerusalem, from Riyadh to Benghazi. Worse yet it had zero influence. It had opened the door for a JV team to set up a fundamentalist caliphate. It had plunged Libya and Syria and Yemen into civil war. In Syria, all parties looked to Russia. Leaders in the Philippines and China delivered scathing insults to the US president. NATO leaders said nice things publicly and kept cutting their defense budgets. North Korea conducted nuclear tests and missile tests. It is no accident Trump achieved better trade deals, calmed the North Korean situation, and brokered four major peace deals, all while starting no new wars and drawing down US overseas forces. The one major Obama success, taking out Osama, was a move Joe Biden opposed. But Joe was all for the 2003 Iraq invasion. With all of the money funneled to the Bidens from foreign sources, no one can ever be sure what would be truly driving US policy if Biden were to win.

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