Let’s suppose we believe you and are skeptical of every single thing. What are you saying is true then? Are you saying the Iranian mullahs are a bunch of good guys slandered by CIA disinformation? Are you saying there were no demonstrations in 2009, no Green Movement that was ruthlessly suppressed? You don’t believe the Supreme Leader rules a rigid theocracy? You think everyone is allowed to run for office, not just those with approval from the regime ? You think the state sanctioned execution of 4,000+ LGBTQ over the last two decades is just a lie made up in Langley?

Or maybe you are just denying that the latest set of demonstrations ever happened? So over 20 were not killed and thousands were not arrested. Women did not throw off their hijab and students did not burn pictures of the Ayatollah. That was all photoshopped by the CIA. Sure.

Of course I’m putting words in the mouth of a straw man. But you wrote a whole diatribe on Iran with not a word critical of the Shia zealots and their tyrannical rule. Until you offer some story of what happened and what is going on, until you go beyond the evocative but banal “believe no one -it’s all a CIA plot”, you are ultimately playing the role of apologist for that totalitarian, expansionist, repressive theocratic regime.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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