Lots of things arguably influenced the election. During a campaign, candidates are buffeted by events. Some are able to weather the storms. Others are not. Trump was hit with the Hollywood Access tape, accusations of sexual impropriety by a dozen women, wild charges of racism, and non-stop onslaughts by the mainstream media. But he was not slowed down. He kept holding rallies. He made campaign stops in Wisconsin. Hillary and team listened to their optimistic pollsters, and didn’t come up with an effective way to respond to Comey’s criticisms in June. She did relatively few rallies. She cleverly called half the country deplorables and decided there was no need to visit Wisconsin. It’s also an amazing oversight hat she didn’t know other emails could be found on Anthony Weiner’s PC. Apparently she had not asked her staff if any more of her emails could be out there. The DNC email release was not the decisive factor: it was one among many. Trump had more realistic polling and a better campaign strategy. He was more savvy in use of social media. He was better able to roll with setbacks.

Hillary did not lose because she was a truth-seeking wonder woman with the Dream Team of campaign organizations who was stabbed in the back by those nasty Ruskies in a dastardly sequence no one could have anticipated. The fact is she did have her friends on the DNC play dirty tricks on Bernie. If it was the Russians who were responsible for leaking DNC emails that revealed that truth, then they arguably did us a favor. If the Russians had leaked a Trump email that was embarrassing to him, do you think any Hillary supporters would be the slightest bit upset?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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