Might I suggest you are in denial about what the Democrat Party has become and what it now stands for. The party has veered sharply towards Identity Politics and Leftist ideology. Many of the activists are Far Left Progressives who have thoroughly infiltrated the party. While the Squad is not yet in control, the Democrats are becoming more and more a Popular Front for the Left.

Let’s take “Defund the Police". You agree it’s absurd. You think it’s just a poor choice of words. I say that these are the exact words chosen by the conglomerate of Progressive, BLM, SJW, and Antifa activists. Republicans did not coin those words. Democrats did. The Left Wing of the Democrat Party believes police are agents of racist oppression and want to get rid of them. Do you think Republicans are writing ACAB graffiti? Democrats did more than shout words: they actually did defund the police. They chopped billion off the police budget in NYC and disbanded key crime-busting units that had taken thousands of guns off the streets. They instituted cashless bail. Shootings and homicides went up like a rocket. The same type of budget slashing, anti-police policies have been enacted in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, LA, and other Democrat-run cities. It also turns out unarmed psychologists and social workers are not keen to go out at 3:00 am on a domestic disturbance call about a guy with a knife threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend. If anything more funding is needed so police can get more training, more non-lethal tools, and more support from psychologists. You seem to be in denial about the inroads already made by the “Defund the Police” groups in taking control of Democrat Party policy in key urban centers. Since you don’t agree with police defunding, you may want to consider switching sides to a group that is closer to what you believe in. I was a Democrat myself not so long ago. Before accurate disagreement, you need an accurate understanding of your own side.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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