More cases does not translate into more deaths. The US now has higher per capita testing than most EU countries and the tests are uncovering more cases. So what. The majority of the cases uncovered when doing antigen testing of asymptomatic populations are mild or asymptomatic cases. The disease is rarely fatal to people under 40, and very very rarely fatal to otherwise healthy people below 30. The US may be drifting into the Swedish model. The real focus should not be on shutting down the whole country but rather on protecting the vulnerable. Experts were right before when they highlighted the need to flatten the curve and ensure hospitals could meet peak demand. When the young catch the disease, they seldom need to be hospitalized. So all the elderly and immunocompromised and those with chronic conditions need to wear masks. However the rest just need to maintain enough social distance to keep hospital ICUs well below capacity. As the US economy bounces back with V shaped recovery and a health care system with hugh testing capacity and an oversupply of ventilators and hospital beds, other countries will come to realize the US is not in bad shape given the magnitude of the crisis. Things could have been done better. You could say that about most countries. But the picture of disaster you are painting is way overdone.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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