Most of the riots have been the work of Antifa and BLM. Of the hundreds arrested for rioting in Minnesota, Portland, Seattle, New York, and Kenosha, all but a handful were Leftist pseudo revolutionaries and BLM devotees. I didn’t see any right-wing minions in the mob that threatened Senator Paul and dozens of others in Washington DC., nor in the groups that harrass diners in restaurants demanding they kneel. The Democrats have been reticent and ineffective in stopping the violence and unwilling to prevent the intimidation. They ordered police stations abandoned and allowed lawless protest zones to proliferate. Democratscontributed money to Left wing bail funds to get rioters out of jail. You don’t suppose Progressives donated to free right-wing agent provocateurs?

New York defunded police and crime is skyrocketing. Minneapolis, the same. The levels of violence in St.Louis and Baltimore are appalling. Police were shot sitting in a squad car in LA ,and BLM protestors chanted slogans urging them to die. Progressive DAs view looting as reparations and fail to investigate fires or indict arsonists. It is a new level of violence in which high-end stores in New York and Chicago are systematically attacked and looted by brazen criminal gangs. Criminals are emboldened. Ninety year-old ladies are pushed to the pavement and women are raped in broad daylight at a subway station. This year a dozen innocent children were killed, victims of stray bullets from gang wars in Democrat cities. People in Democrat cities are terrified of the new crescendo of violence caused by the Democrat soft-on-crime policies.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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