“Mountain of evidence” ? Really ? The problem was there was no evidence. Zero. The House did not bother to put together an evidentiary record. There was no sworn witness testimony. No cross-examination. Exculpatory evidence was not introduced. Slickly edited video is not evidence. Pictures of the rioters rioting or trespassers trespassing might be evidence in trials against rioters and tresspassers, but it was not evidence showing any illegal activity by Trump. He had called for the crowd to march and “make your voices heard peacefully and patriotically”. He had never called for violence. They had no clip of that. They had no evidence about the damages, injuries, or deaths. No autopsies. The House Managers never had a coherent theory of the case. Trump’s speech got the crowd revved up and they went over to the Capitol, all except those already at the Capitol trespassing without having heard the speech and who had pre-planned their mostly peaceful protest days if not weeks before. The House Managers tried to make up their own laws of Incitement and Insurrection. They seemed ignorant of Brandenburg v Ohio and other critical Supreme Court opinions that said explicitly speech by a candidate criticizing an election is protected speech. So the trial was unconstitutional, but, even more, Trump was completely innocent of the charge in the poorly drafted Article of Impeachment. There was no real evidence against him.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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