Mueller said there was no evidence to indict any American for collusion. Funny how you continue to live in denial about that. As Rosenstien publicly testified, if he would have known the Steele information had come from a subsource who denied its validity, or that it was funded by Hillary’s campaign, he would have not signed the FISA warrant or even appointed a Special Prosecutor. The IG report ripped the FBI/DOJ collusion investigation. No collusion was found. What was found was a conspiracy to allege collusion and coopt the mechanisms of government to pursue an unfounded investigation of collusion.

You are putting words in my mouth: I don’t say “libtard”. Your inability to stick to facts and need to make up false accusations makes my point.

What is factually inaccurate in saying there have been BLM/Antifa riots in Democrat cities? Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and New York City are all cities with Democrat leadership and they have been beset by riots. Oh, I know, you will tell me they are mostly peaceful protests.

I am pleading with all thinking aware people to at least open their eyes and their minds. Too often, I see people on the Left blinding themselves to actual facts and refusing to acknowledge real events. There is looting and arson: stop denying it. There was no Russian collusion conspiracy with Trump: no evidence of it was ever found. Democrats did defund the police in Minneapolis, Seattle, and New York.

I also think you should stop conflating Trump’s foreign policy with that of Establishment Republicans. He won by promising to overturn their policies. He has negotiated several improved trade deals and several peace deals. He has got us into zero new war. Inconvenient truths, but still truths.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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