Nancy Pelosi has shot herself in the foot by succumbing to the Resistance Impeachment agenda. There might be two Senate Republicans who will vote for impeachment and these will be offset by 5 or 6 Democrats who will abstain or vote against impeachment. Democrats not only won’t get the 2/3 need for conviction. won’t get even a bare majority.

The more Nancy slows this up, the more it harms Senate Democrat Presidential candidates. A long trial featuring Hunter Biden and Joe Biden as witnesses won’t help Democrats either. This is actually one of best ways to give Trump an even greater Electoral College landslide and turn the House back to the Republicans. The way to win was to follow the model of 2018, go moderate and to focus on healthcare and popular economic measures. By deciding to feature an anti-Trump campaign dominated by impeachment, the Democrats are tossing away all the swing states. Her logic that we can’t wait for an election so we need impeachment now, but we need to delay until we get the rules we want sounds stupidly circular. At some point, perhaps by March, it will become untenable. She will have to pull back the impeachment or give in and submit it to McConnell with no concessions on rules. She set a timer going against herself. All in all, very badly misplayed.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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