Nice try Slick, but yours was another of these non-denial denials where you don’t actually rebut a single fact. Let’s see if you can do more than sling mud. Here is a link to a NY Post story alleging an email from Hunter Biden’s computer shows Hunter introduced Joe Biden to a Burisma official in Washington DC.

Is the email bogus? Did the meeting not take place? Or will you simply refuse to grapple with any of the details?

By the way, the Left Media has a strange case of amnesia. During the primaries a year ago, it put out some interesting exposees of Biden family corruption. This is now a story it won’t even investigate.

Finally, if Joe Biden had nothing to hide, he would stop hiding. He would issue categorical denials and declare specific allegations to be false. But he doesn’t. He’s acting guilty and the tangible evidence is mounting against him. We need a Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate the Biden Corruption Scandal.

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