No it’s not right at all to demean the memory of those who were murdered in the Holocaust by comparing American detention centers to Nazi concentration camps. You make a logically flawed and politically self-serving argument that in order to stop the next Holocaust you need to warn against everything that might be a possible first step on the road to Nazi dystopia. Your whole approach is to “cry Hitler wolf” a lot. What is wrong with this is that it sets you up to make all kinds of false accusations. It means your conclusions are prone to Type 1 error (false positives). But does that really prevent fascism or does it instead make your cries of alarm less credible?

Further, your calls of alarm have a political slant that also undermines their validity. If a Comgresswoman of the Left spews words right out of Goebbels, you don’t call her a Nazi: you come up with apologies. If Obama and the Democrats built incarceration facilitates for young illegal immigrants, you find it an understandable response to a border crisis, not a move to construction of latter-day Auschwitz. But if Trump detains illegal immigrants in those same facilities, then of course you see it as 1939 all over again.

By evoking the Holocaust for something that is not mass murder in the making, you are diminishing the Shoah. For until the US starts forcibly pushing people out of their homes and transporting them en masse to concentration camps and then gassing them and burning them in ovens, then you are committing a horrible moral outrage trying to equate US border enforcement with Nazi genocide. Shame on you. Shame for using the memory of the Holocaust to score cheap political points.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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