No offense taken, but for every capable intellectual you’ve got saying the end is near, I’ve got 100 saying collapse is not happening any time soon.

Besides some of yours have a bad track record of predicting the ultimate catastrophe again, again, and again. I think when you get one of those wrong, you’ve proved yourself a false prophet.

Chomsky, your favorite, has made a 50 year career of forecasting disasters that were never quite as world-ending as he said they would be. Please, he had a interesting theory of linguistics 50 years ago, but no real economist ever thought he had a clue. You would be a billionaire by now if you went all in to the market every time he said it was going to nosedive. Now even his signature linguistics theory is taking it on the chin.

So what if the Paris Climate Change accord is a complete fraud. Trump saved US taxpayers $100 billion by pulling out of it. The whole strategy of CO2 regulation is ineffective and unworkable. The climate is changing and has been for 4 billion years. No way you can stop it. 10,000 years ago we were in an Ice Age and sea level was so low you could walk from Siberia to Alaska. It ended abruptly, but that brought great opportunity to human beings who forthwith developed civilizations. We have to adapt to climate change that does occur— and I suspect we will and you can’t say for certain we won’t. What if we get lucky and produce just enough CO2 to forestall an incipient Ice Age that was about to happen?

The shortage of rare earths would leave me crying underneath my pillow if I hadn’t heard apparently knowledgeable academics predicting peak oil in 1979 or a tremendous lack of every metal you can name. Surprising isn’t it: the market responds.

Finally when you predict disaster decades and centuries hence, I’ve just got to say you are completely making it up. I further believe our colonies on Mars will survive the disaster you predict for 2118 having successfully terraformed the planet and produced clones of themselves as an insurance policy. Prove me wrong: you can’t, but I can make up stuff too.

I’m not saying things are perfect or that we aren’t facing serious challenges that could destroy our civilization. I just don’t see any sign these disasters are necessarily imminent or fatal.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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