No one believes that, especially after accusers two and three.

Unless of course you’re completely naive, you see the strategy is to delay action on the nomination till after the midterms when the Democrats hope to pick up seats and control the Senate. That is why the Democrats did not bring up the initial charges when they first learned of them 6 weeks ago or did not forward them to the FBI, Senate investigators, or Maryland police when they could have been handled confidentially. That is the only way to explain why they did not ask about them in thousands of questions or hundreds of hours of hearings. Instead they waited till after the investigations were done and the hearings were over to leak the charges, despite the stated wishes of Dr. Ford for confidentiality. They then got her to go to the press with her story, but prevented her from cooperating with Senate investigators. Why not cooperate, unless you are trying to delay? Her lawyer, a Democratic party operative, apparently did not tell her of offers from Senate investigators to interview her in California. They seem to have manipulated her for political purposes. The delay between the release of the story to the press and her appearance in front of the Committee was a patent stall job. The real question is why all the other accusers waited so long. Yes, it’s obvious to a two year old this is an orchestrated smear campaign.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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