Not a Coup: Just Another Mostly Peaceful Protest

The Populist movement in America boiled over in anger on January 6, 2021. The date will be remembered. People were upset over the changes in election rules that had made the election less secure. They were furious over the realization this election was uniquely vulnerable to cheating that would leave few traces. They were stunned in disbelief that an invisible candidate with tepid support on the streets had legitimately pulled in over 80 million votes. Their candidate had large rallies. The opposition candidate had stayed in his basement mostly, but had crushed Hillary’s vote total by over 15 million votes.

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Jack Gruber USA Today

They were frustrated there was no avenue to pursue their complaints. Trump was unable to make his case in court: he had not proved fraud to the satisfaction of judges, even those he had appointed. He was outlawyered. Senator Hawley, Cruz, and others would at least raise an objection and ask for an investigation, but for some that wasn’t enough.

A large crowd heard Trump in the morning. He advocated continuing the legal fight to have “every legal vote counted” . He did not call for violence. However, hours later, some of the protestors had marched to the Capitol and some of them crossed the barriers. An even smaller group violated the law and broke into the Capitol building and trashed offices.

It was not a coup. It was not an insurrection. It was the type of violence we are used to seeing. We have seen it all summer, in riots instigated by Antifa and BLM agitators. This was “mostly peaceful protestors” type of rioting.

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From May till September, the attacks on police headquarters and Federal courthouses were denied and minimized by the Mainstream Media. The same media denounced Trump’s deployment of Federal Marshalls to protect law and order. The media spent time all summer denouncing law enforcement and calling for police defunding. Yesterday, it was different. The Mainstream Media was suddenly and uncharacteristically upset about rioters attacking Federal property. Suddenly it was singing praises of law enforcement.

What is happening? What is happening is that parts of the Populist movement have caught on. The majority of the group will stay non-violent and play by the rules. But a small faction will cross the lines in expressing their anger. They are not trying to overthrow the government or stage a coup. They are expressing the sentiment of a much larger group in ways more violent than the larger group would. Given that we are talking about people of a conservative mindset, most will have no trouble denouncing the violence of the more passionate believers. However, there is a growing realization of the effectiveness of Leftist-Antifa-BLM agitation and propaganda methods and the need to adopt similar tactics. Attempts by the Tech giants to repress this will ultimately boomerang and make those Tech giants the targets of mostly peaceful protest. Truly the First Amendment had it right. Free speech is best. If you want all sides to protect your medium of communication, you should make sure not to suppress one side.

The Progressive establishment needs to realize the jig is up on using their mostly peaceful protestors without expecting payback in kind. If we want peace, there needs to be a realization by all sides that this has gone too far. The deal is: no more BLM-Antifa riots, no more storming government buildings, no more Tech giant censorship, no more cancel culture. We need to pursue our differences peacefully and with tolerance for others and their ideas.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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