Of course an institution loaded with diversity officers is neutral and politically unbiased. As I walk down the hall of a university in the Northeast, you can bet I see dozens of “We Welcome the Undocumented" posters matched by an equal number of “Build that Wall" posters, only the latter ones are invisible. Then there the ubiquitous notices and policies delineating the need for a fully executed legal agreement before two drunk and high teens can rip off their clothes and have at it, and encouraging morning-after regretful XX chromosomed people to file charges with a kangaroo court if every “t” wasn’t crossed. Try announcing a meeting in support of Second Amendment rights perhaps on the day students in half the humanities classes are given time to go attend the latest gun control rally. Or try explaining why the median woman making 70% of the median man doesn’t imply there isn’t equal pay for equal work despite what all those gender studies departments say. Oh, and outside the environs of hard science, mathematics, and medicine, you best be careful with your pronouns. Well let’s just get a soda at the student center and we can have cardboard straws that don’t work too well. We are reminded by posters that we must stop climate change. On Columbus Day, we are going to a university program about the evils of racist America.

The truth is most universities are promoting, propagandizing, and encouraging a Progressive Left ideology on diversity, gender, guns, illegal immigration, and climate change. Large numbers of students don’t necessarily believe any of it, and many haven’t dared to think it through. Many are simply afraid of violating the latest prohibition decreed by the commissars of intersectionalist victimology. Why American taxpayers should be paying outrageous sums to develop hostile political cadres is unclear. But take a walk in any Ivy League university and then tell us there is no indoctrination.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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