Of course I never asserted any such theory. In fact Israel withdrew its soldiers from Gaza more than a decade ago. Israel wished nothing more than to live in peace with the residents of Gaza. It hoped they would prosper and conduct mutually beneficial trade with Israel. The leaders of Gaza decided instead to pursue war. They pilfered monies given by foreign governments for the welfare of the people in order to buy missiles and guns and to build terror tunnels. Much has found its way into private pockets. Hamas has irresponsibly failed to maintain basic infrastructure. Because of its decisions and ineptitude, Gaza is short of water, sewage treatment and electricity. Hamas controlled rioters blew up the main fuel depot through which Israel shipped fuel to Gaza. Now it blames Israel for a fuel shortage of its own making.

Things are changing. Egypt is furious that Hamas helped ISIS in the Sinai attavk Egyptian forces. Most Sunni Arab states in the Mideast have come to see a de facto alliance with Israel as a strategic imperative to save themselves from Shia Iranian expansionism. Within that larger context, the concept of a Palestinian nationality that was invented in the 1960s looks more and more like an idea that has outlived its usefulness to the Arab cause. Aid for the Palestinian front is drying up. There is a lot of diplomacy going on away from public view.

Until Israel starts building gas chambers and marching the population of Gaza in to be murdered, you have no case for using the word genocide. Hamas stages events to create martyrs to gain sympathy. Your attempt at false equivalence just shows you don’t get the enormity of evil that was the Holocaust. Nor do you get that same hatred of Jews is behind the idea that they of all peoples somehow don’t get to have their own country. You acknowledge Jews were exiled by the Romans. You realize they prayed every day since, several times a day, and on major holidays to be able to return to their land and reestablish a Jewish kingdom there. They never relinquished their rights. The Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of Judea. The Arabs are indigenous to, you guessed it, Arabia. The Jews have more right to a state than the English have to England.

That last sentence is opinion. I hope my facts and opinions have given you something to think about.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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