Of course it isn’t. You’re just indulging yourself in some anti-Semitic slander. You apparently did not read your own link which details the events of the 2011 and mentions lots of US, CIA, Saudi, and Sunni extremist activity in connection with the start of the Syrian civil war, but Israel does not get as much as a mention.

You may recall the Arab Spring and how the Obama Administration connected the uprising in Syria with it and started to demand the overthrow of Assad just as it had taken out Khadafi in Libya and pulled the plug on Mubarak in Egypt. Israeli opinon like American opinion was divided, but the majority view in Jerusalem was that the Arab Spring would eventually bring Islamic fundamentalists to power and that would be bad for Israel. The view was that Israel had learned to live with Arab secular strongman regimes and did not want them replaced with Islamic fundamentalists who would likely be more hostile. It was Obama who pushed the war and a reluctant Israel was made to say the right words of support for its ally.

I won’t bore everybody with the in between years, but fast forward to the present and you find Israel concerned about Iranian expansion into Syria but not at all supportive of the push by many in America for a face off against Russia in Syria. The Democratic Party and particularly its Progressive wing have been pumping up hate against Russia as a means of taking down Trump. Every diplomatic or conciliatory move Trump tries to make is denounced as treason. Trump colluded with Russia — now he want to pull out of Syria — it all fits — so they say. Suddenly Trump has to launch missiles due to a suspiciously timed gas attack that has all the hallmarks of a faux pretext operation.

Israel has had a close relationship with Russia which has allowed it free rein to smack Iranian and Hezbollah forces in southern Syria. The Israeli Prime Minister has visited Moscow, gets along well with President Putin, and has expressed Isreali concerns about Iranian expansion.


Israel did not withdraw diplomats from Moscow when the UK got a group of nations to do so.

Not only was Israel not secretly behind the missile attack against Syria, it is an open secret it opposed it. Israel did not want the western nations to strike Syria for fear that would jeopardize its relationship with Russia and that would lead to restrictions on its ability to strike Iranian forces.

So basically in your haste to find some Jewish people in a dark conspiracy to blame it all on, you got it exactly ass-backward.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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