Of course not. You’re really stretching to make the case when you cite as your first piece of evidence a seven year old memo from a Democratic party insider who is persona non grata to large segments of the Israeli political landscape.

You want to blame Israel but who was it who misread the Arab Spring and who, against Israeli advice, demanded Assad’s ouster? Yes it was Obama. He is to blame for fomenting civil war in Syria.

No doubt Israel and Saudi Arabia are worried about Iranian Shia expansionist actions. So should America. Iranian mullahs always enjoy a “ Death to America” parade. They are not our friends. Stop pretending they are. Did you forget they took our diplomats hostage? Whose side are you on anyway?

You seem to miss what’s going on now. The big picture is that the Democrats are pushing confrontation with Russia and intervention in Syria. It’s part of their strategy to undermine Trump. Unless he goes along, he legitimizes the “collusion with Russia” narrative. Two weeks after Trump says the US will pull of Syria, suddenly there’s a gas attack and calls for the US to strike.

Israel meanwhile wants the war in Syria to end. As long as it goes on, Assad needs to allow Iranian troops on his territory. Israel has warned Iran against establishing a military presence on its border with Syria. The Sunni Arabs are also not happy with the Iranian military expanding its hegemony over more and more real estate and gaining control over a land bridge to the Mediterranean.

Israel certainly doesn’t want a US — Russia confrontation. There is great affinity for Trump and a shared wish for the US to improve relations with Russia. Israel has very close relations with Russia and there have been many visits between leaders in Moscow and Jerusalem. Israel and Russia have a good military deconfliction mechanism in place in Syria. Russia has allowed Israel a free hand to mount airstrikes in Syria to counter shipment of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah and other moves near the Israeli border. Israel does not want an escalation of US- Russia tensions Syria as that could imperil the arrangement Israel has with Russia.

So in answer to your question, the answer is no. Instead it is the Democrats pushing global war with Russia. Meanwhile Trump and the Israelis are trying hard to de-escalate tensions with Russia.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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