Ok I do admit my opinion of you dramatically changed from thinking you were a Democrat partisan prone to exaggeration to seeing you as a full-fledged anti-American psycho who lacks basic moral discernment. Let’s be clear: it was the Nazis who built gas chambers and human ovens and transported people against their will to concentration camps to exterminate them. Nothing the US has done enforcing its immigration laws, including the incarcerstion of millions of youth under Obama, is even remotely similar. Most every other country in the world has immigration laws and methods of enforcement far more punitive than used by the US. Until you see gas chambers on the Southern US border, your charge that the US is committing crimes against humanity is an immoral attempt to minimize the crimes of the Holocaust. You are making an obscene attempt to confuse Nazis perpetrators and the Allied Forces that destroyed the Nazi evil and judged it at Nuremberg.

Now I happen to be a fan of immigration enforcement, just not the particular methods involving child separation. I was therefore glad when President Trump replaced those objectionable aspects with a family detention policy, and a policy of detention in Mexico to await hearing dates. At this point, though there are children still waiting to be reunited with family members, the numbers have dwindled dramatically and there is no ongoing family separation policy. Chilren caught crossing illegally with adults are being checked to ensure they are not victims of human trafficking.

But beyond all that if you dont like the policy, get 270 electoral votes and you can have a different policy in 2020. The crimes against humanity you think you see are not part of the offenses found in the Articles of impeachment the House passed. Even if Trump is removed (not gonna happen) Pence will pursue roughly the same immigration enforcement methods Trump uses now.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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