Pausing aid is not impeachable either. Lots of Presidents have delayed aid to lots of countries. Trump has delayed aid to Guatemala, Afghanistan, and other countries, not just the Ukraine.

There is no evidence of extortion. President Zelensky has several times explicitly and publicly denied there was any pressure. You seem to be confusing Schiff’s parody with reality.

You still haven’t explained why it was an abuse of power for Trump to ask Zelensky to look into Crowdstrike and the 2016 election. Saying his request is based on a debunked conspiracy theory doesn’t make it impeachable.

As for supporting the Ukraine, the Trump administration supplied military aid including Javelin missiles. Interesting and fatal to the Democrats case is tha those missiles, the ones Zelensky mentioned during the call, were not part of the aid that was paused. The Obama administration supplied blankets, but no lethal military aid. By your argument, Obama should be impeached. In fact the President is in charge of foreign affairs. You have policy differences. Fine. Elect someone who agrees with your policy. But it is wrong to use impeachment to settle policy differences, especially when we have an election coming up.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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