Please stop headlining with the word “collapse", at least not without giving attribution to Umair Haque, aka Collapse Bro, who has already used it a thousand times to pronounce imminent doom much in the way you do.

Of course there’s not much evidence of actual collapse. The trains run. People hang out in coffee shops. College students are graduating. Ok- Daenerys is freaking out and dragons are wreaking havoc, but otherwise we are just not seeing the world in collapse. Don’t believe me. Go outside and check it out for yourself.

The US GDP grew 3.2% last quarter. Unemployment fell to 3.6%, a 75 year low. Black and Hispanic unemployment fell to the lowest on record. Real wages rose. The percent of people below the poverty level has been dropping since 2010. The stock market is near record highs. Inflation is very low. What’s not to like?

Meanwhile innovation continues apace to dramatically improve our lives. We’ve got smart phones and drones, driverless cars and organic food. We’ve got social media and entertainmentoptions galore. We’ve got apps for home security and remote exercise trainers.

You have got blinders on. You can’t or won’t let yourself see the world is changing. It’s progress, not collapse. You want things to be bad to justify some political agenda. How unfortunate for you reality is not on your side.

That’s not to deny the incredible problems that face us: from crime to drug addiction, from health care to homelessness, from illegal immigration to censorship and corruption. But in most areas progress has been made and we are far better off than we were a few decades ago. None of the problems are unsolvable. We have faced worse before and lived to tell about it.

So go carry a warning sign if you must, but please don’t use the same word Collapse Bro uses on his. He’s the king of “Collapse” and you’re not.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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