Please clarify what specifically you think I said is inaccurate.

I said the US has reduced coal consumption. This is a fact. Over the last two decades we’ve gone from over 1,000 tons to less than 650 tons.

China and India both burn a lot more coal than we do and the amounts they burn are increasing whereas US coal consumption has declined. Facts.

Do you disagree that many Western, First World, Eastern European countries are already procreating at below the replacement rate?

The first hundred countries with highest birth rate are all 3rd World. The US is at 157. If you want to slow population growth you need to aim at those growing the most. Right now those also happen to be countries least able to economically support rising population.

Most demographic experts in China, Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe, and the West disagree with you- they call it a depopulation crisis and urge measures to encourage replacement level population growth.

You don’t seem to have looked at the facts about coal consumption or population growth by country. You do not seem aware of the whole demographic discussion. Perhaps your views will change with more research. In any event if I am inaccurate on any of these specific facts, please let me know.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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