Point well-taken: I was conflating Euro-sceptics, nationalists angry and defiant about EU imposed immigration quotas, citizenry of many countries hostile and suffering under Euro-induced austerity with proponents of outright “…exit”. Still that is enough to make the point in my comment on the original article. Many people in Europe, a majority in many countries based on recent elections, feel the EU should be a free trade pact with a few negotiated exceptions and nothing more. The idea of the EU as a ruler supreme is running up against a rising tide of populism, nationalism, and demands for a more democratic and responsive leadership. You can throw out Tories one election, and boot out Labour the next, but the EU bureaucracy is fat, overgrown, costly, distant, and can’t be ejected from office by popular will. It is pursuing its own enrichment and its own vanity project of reincarnating a much grander than ever Holy Roman Empire. The realization that Germany is calling the shots does not make the medicine go down any easier. Your assertion that the EU has led to huge benefits is not believable to many Europeans. That brings me to my second point, still unrefuted: if the EU had not done such a bad job, there would be no Brexit and no rising tide of Euro-skeptic nations all clamoring to take back their national sovereignty. They want mutually beneficial trade: not an imperious and incompetent slave master.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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