Poor Umair, the delay is not the problem. You have a incorrect vision that we will know the true result on election night, but we won’t. What we might see on election night is a Trump victory on the basis of votes counted at that point. Many states will take days or weeks to count the mail-ins. There will be legal challenges to stop the counting and challenges to throw out ballots. Lawyers will argue about missing or smudged postmarks or signatures that don’t match. There won’t be enough time to count all ballots or resolve all challenges by the time states need to finalize their slates of electors. But by law the date cannot be pushed back. Cases will go up to the Supreme Court. The Blue Shift may not be strong enough or rapid enough.

Faithless Electors are not a concern. What is are dual slates of Electors and not enough time to count all votes and resolve all legal challenges.

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