Reparations have some merit when paid to those directly harmed by those who committed the wrongs. But there is no morality in promulgating intergenerational guilt and there is no justice in forcing people who did no harm to pay money to those who suffered no injustice.

The Civil Right acts of the 1960s, over 50 years ago, guaranteed equal rights under law and non-discriminatory treatment on the job, in housing, and in the public marketplace. People who feel they have been discriminated against on account of race have been able to make complaints in front of civil rights commissions such as the EEOC or to file suits in court. Affirmative Action programs, instituted over 50 years ago, provide preferential treatment to historically disadvantaged groups. Also, race-neutral programs such as HUD Housing Programs, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Job training programs, and more have disproportionately benefitted African Americans. But don’t relabel that race-based reparations. People of color are not being held back by racist rules or economic discrimination. They have had an equal shot, and in some cases a better than equal shot, for the last 50 years. Jim Crow is gone. You can keep pulling down the "Whites Only" signs, but they were already pulled down long ago.

Your reparations argument is predicated on hiding or disparaging the great strides African Americans have made. Many have become rich and famous. Others have become top doctors, entertainers, sports stars, military leaders, and politicians. The country elected and reelected a Black President. You say that doesn't matter, but it does.

Over the past 60 years people from Hungary, Cuba, Vietnam, Haiti, Korea, Russia, Mexico, China, Syria, and Nigeria have arrived on American shores, often desperately poor. Many have managed to work their way up the ladder. They have done this despite facing language barriers and instances of overt discrimination. Each year millions more try to immigrate into America and there is a huge waiting list. They are living proof America has been and still is a land of opportunity. They put a lie to your racial theory of cumulative wealth.

A more compelling observation is that the welfare, family, education, immigration, law enforcement, and trade policies of the Democratic Party have undercut Black American family structure and economic opportunities. Instituting reparations is to institute a racial spoils system that is bound to be corrupt and ineffective. Worse yet, it will institute a system of Jim Crow in reverse that will be as divisive as it is morally wrong.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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