Without Trump, your future was being sold for cheap. The people you want me to vote for had negotiated a series of bad trade deals. China was ripping us off and stealing intellectual property. Europe, Japan, and Korea had very generous deals at the expense of American workers. Millions of jobs left under NAFTA. Bush and Obama gutted the manufacturing sector. They and the Left opened the floodgates to illegal immigration, further depressing the wages of the working class. They got us into endless foreign wars of attrition that did not serve the national interest. They promoted censorship and racial division. They appeased America’s enemies and undermined American allies. They were sacrificing the country on the altar of woke internationalism.

Trump came along with America First populism. He got us better trade deals and dramatically reduced illegal immigration. Real wages went up in three years ten times as much as over the prior fifteen. He did not slowly degrade ISIS: he defeated it and destroyed the Caliphate. He pulled our troops out of Syria where Obama had put them without Congressional authorization. Trump may not be the most urbane character to occupy the White House, and he certainly is no choirboy or Churchillian orator, but he has done a lot of positive things for America and its people of all races and religion. He has rebuilt the military, and put some of our biggest enemies in the ground, all while keeping us out of new wars. That is something neither Obama or Bush can claim. Trump brought peoples together, and ushered in historic peace agreements in the Balkans and the Middle East .I hope you realize that you have been fed a bucketful of lies about him and swallowed them whole. The people you idolize spied on the Trump campaign and manufactured a phony Russian collusion conspiracy. That was a BIG LIE! They refused to accept the election of 2016 and then abused the impeachment process to try to overturn the results. They are the ones allowing our cities to be overrun with Leftist BLM mobs and trying to deny the violence is their handiwork. That is another BIG LIE. The people who you think are so virtuous are the epitome of evil and are hellbent on destroying America and its institutions. Their refusal to say where they stand on Court packing and their flip-flop on fracking should tell you all you need to know. Trump is the best leader we have right now who is unafraid to stand up for America. Anyone who cares for their own safety and economic opportunity and peace in the world will support him.


Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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