So again we have it. Due to a crisis, the people of the developed democracies and the United States most of all, must slash their standard of living and undergo a radical transformation. Strangely it is the US and the those developed democracies that have reduced CO2 emissions already without adopting any of the punitive measures advocated by the climate hysterics. China, before the Wuhan Virus hit, was emitting more than twice as much CO2 as the US and was on track to increase its emissions in the next decade by more than the total current US emissions. India is also bringing on coal-fired power plants at a furious pace. US reductions may help a bit at the margins, but the real challenge, if you actually believe the sky is falling from too much CO2, is to get China and India to reverse course.

Further there is no reason the system of free enterprise can’t get the job done in moderating CO2 emissions, and do it without the economic disruption so avidly desired by the Climate Change zealots. Why, we could even plant a few hundred million more trees as the timberline moves toward the poles and foster growth of plants in geographically shifted habitats. Our friends in the plant kingdom just love their CO2 . It helps promote increased crop yields.

Then there’s the larger question of strategy. Why insist on CO2 reduction as the sole focus, without also adopting the paradigm of minimally disruptive adaptation. We can move back from hurricane prone coasts, build on stilts, construct levees (think Holland)promote wetlands, develop more water-borne culture (a Venetian approach), and more. We need a strong economy to adapt to whatever changes we face and to improve the standard of living for our children and their children too. Climate Change Panic Mongers are promoting hysteria as a pretext to impose their extreme political agenda and to punish our people for their sin of economic well-being. The Radicals are promising pie-in-the-sky and then taking a hatchet to the economic engine that has been delivering the goods and lifting the masses out of poverty.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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