So China, where the disease started, gets praised? China which spent November and December denying the existence of the disease and arresting those who tried to warn the world, is somehow the model of proper healthcare. Meanwhile the US which banned travel to China and put people in quarantine on military bases way before the EU woke up, is accused of doing nothing. The US death toll, now 41, is far less than the 3,189 dead in China, the 514 dead in Iran, the 1,266 dead in Italy, and even the 79 dead in France. There is reason to believe the figures out of China vastly understate the true death toll there.

Yes, the testing system in the US should be criticized. But capitalism was not to blame. The appoach was based on recommendations from bureaucratic health care experts, who could have made the same mistake if it was a nationalized healthcare system.

It may take another week or more to get the US testing system fixed. The whole pandemic has highlighted the need for the US to have a strategic reserve of medical supplies and not allow itself to be so dependent on China in that area. The US also has banned flights from the EU. It is clear the world over that senior care facilities, cruise ships, airliners, trains, and busses need to be routinely cleaned up far better than before. Arena, theatres, schools, libraries, museums, and restaurants all need to be frequently disinfected. Countries around the world have made mistakes in grappling with the Wuhan Coronavirus, and the US is among them, but it has done a lot of things right and has certainly done better than Iran and Italy. It is certainly unfair to castigate the US for its mistakes without directly pointing a finger at the Chinese government which lied and covered up and let thousands of people travel around to infect the rest of the world and is 100% to blame for the pandemic.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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