Some people are upset at the appeal of populism. But it arose because the Establishment you worship gave us endless foreign interventions based on lies like WMD, horrible trade deals that shipped US manufacturing overseas, a tidal wave of illegal immigration, and a Great Recession. It was also giving us political correctness, a stream of lies and hoaxes supporting anti-American narratives. It was and is allowing the Left to repress free speech in universities and beyond.

I ran away from the Democrat party when it veered far Left. Its support for a phony Russian collusion conspiracy narrative and the use of national security apparatus to spy on a political campaign show it is fundamentally corrupt and a danger to Constitutional order. So are Republicans who bought into the Democrat abuse of impeachment process and who legitimized repeated attempts by Democrats to remove Trump by shady tricks and not by the regular electoral procedure.

I am not fond of all of Trump’s antics, but I came to support him. Now, I support him even more. He is the center of opposition to BLM racism, ANTIFA violence, rioting, looting, arson, and skyrocketing crime in Democrat-run cities. He is gaining support from people of all races as Democrats push to defund the police, keep schools closed, and torpedo the economy. Democrats are intimidated by the street violence and by cancel culture. Anti-Trumper Republicans are also bending over to the Left, hoping the mob will see their virtue signals from afar and not torch the country club. In the current civil war, they are a minor faction. Ultimately they have to ally with the forces of populism and back Trump’s moves to restore law and order. The Democrats can’t stop the mob and all the fine points made by Mr. French won’t change that.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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