Still in a state of denial and looking for excuses and blaming everyone but Hillary for her defeat in a “couldn’t lose” election everyone said she would win? We understand how hard it is to take an unexpected loss, even worse a loss to an Orange Chauvinist Pig Bozo of a Reality TV star . More embarrassing was her losing white women and getting a low turnout from Black and Hispanic voters.

Even after playing dirty tricks on Bernie to ensure her coronation as the nominee, and even with most of the mainstream media in her corner ripping her opponent, she still couldn’t do it.

I know it was Russia that wouldn’t book her a flight to Wisconsin, that the pressure of misogyny compelled her to insult all those deplorables, that it was Comey who decided she should have her own private server and lose thousands of emails, and of course it was Bernie who got Bill to meet Loretta on the tarmac.

Or maybe someday you’ll accept the reality she was a horrible candidate with tons of baggage who alienated working class voters, stay-at-home moms, men of all persuasions, Southerners, MidWesterners, coal miners, patriotic people, military personnel, religious people, farmers, small business owners, and anyone else in the basket. Someday you’ll see that she couldn’t enthuse a rally at a Hot dog stand much less an arena, and that she ran a terrible campaign riddled with glaring mistakes. The really hard part: many people didn’t want to vote for Bernie and they certainly didn’t want to vote for Trump, but they did so anyway so they could vote against Hillary.

Many Republicans and Breitbart fans wish you’d keep talking about Hillary and have her keep writing books for years to come. That will be sure to keep the electorate convinced that whatever you say is irrelevant and out -of-touch.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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