Thank you for the thoughtful comments. I think you may have overstated and possibly misconstrued what I was saying. I am not trying to silence any faction of the Haredim. Rather my point is that the more extreme factions of the Haredim keep pressing for more benefits, more exceptions, more special treatment. You can say a particular group of Haredim doesn’t care about benefits, but the Haredi parties in the Knesset demand them. I am saying the time has come to say no to their demands, not to censor what they say. My frustration, voiced up front , was with the Haredim who can’t accept the good deal they have carved out for themselves.

I’m glad some of the Haredim have enough integrity not to accept benefits from the state of Israel when they reject the legitimacy of the state. Do they also have the integrity to reject citizenship and give up their right to vote in Israeli elections? What is your view about the practice of those who accept citizenship but refuse to serve like other citizens, who harass IDF personnel but demand special welfare benefits, who didn’t lift a finger to liberate the Western Wall, but now insist they have the right to dictate who can pray there?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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