Thank you for your reasoned and well framed response. You made several good points I can ‘t dispute, but nothing you wrote bears directly on the key point I am making that it is the Left that is pursuing a campaign of street violence, personal harassment, obstruction, and angry crowd intimidation. For over a decade, from Occupy to Berkeley to Ferguson to Baltimore to Portland to the latest in Washington DC, we see the same organizing groups behind the scenes pushing these tactics. In the last few years the Progressive Left has been able to capture the Democratic Party and force it’s leadership to support mob tactics.

The original Rolling Stone post ludicrously tried to argue that we can’t believe our own eyes when we see Leftist mobs on TV and can’t believe our own ears when we hear Democratic Party leaders call for uncivil confrontational behavior.

The recent Republican ad calling the Democrats an unhinged mob succeeds precisely because it uses the well known mob scenes and widely broadcast exhortations of Democratic party leaders to make its point.

Your arguments are a bit different. While you also sometimes seem to say it’s not really happening, or that it’s not any different than what has gone on before, much of your argument is a whitewash, saying it is justified as a reaction to what Trump or Republicans did. Your argument: “what about” all the violence from the Right is a classic example of whataboutism ?

I can and do agree with most of your points about Iraq and the Republicans in the past and it still does not obscure or absolve what the Democrats are doing now in escalating political disputes to a new level. So yes George Bush and his administration and interventionists on both sides of the aisle got us into Iraq based on falsehoods about WMD and Al Qaeda. What does that have to do with Antifa shutting down streets in Portland or Resistance Democrats screaming and interrupting Senate hearings? I also agree with you about acts of terrorism: historically the large body counts were caused by acts of Islamists (9/11) or Right Wing zealots (Oklahoma City). Why does that justify Left wing riots to de-platform Conservative speakers on campus or the harassment of Senators forcing them out of restaurants? What they are doing is dangerous and unprecedented. The ostensible issues mean nothing when mobs of Leftist political fanatics threaten to rule streets.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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