Thanks Eric for your thoughts and the civil way in which they were expressed. I still don’t get why you think he was in contempt. Do you have any precedent where a contempt citation was issued by Congress for behavior remotely similar to Lewandowski’s?

You claim

he was clearly in contempt, and the failure of the Dems to act to hold him in contempt is a glaring example of their incompetence. This made up blanket privilege the WH is asserting for anyone who even knows Trump is totally bogus and will fall in court; everytime he asserted this non existent privilege to refuse to answer were instances of contempt.

However the assertion of a well-known privilege is not contempt. If this assertion is adjudicated and found legally insufficient, then continued refusal to answer questions on those grounds would arguably be contempt. However he could also rely on the 5th Amendment and refuse to answer- that would not be contempt.

Who knows what the courts will do with this? In US v Nixon, the Supreme Court agreed there was considerable Executive privilege, but this privilege can be overridden in particular instances where the information requested is specified in a judicial proceeding. Basically the branches are coequal and in most cases one branch cannot go around issuing subpoenas that intrude on the inner workings of another branch.

Further, though technically not required, it is usual practice to warn a witness that what they are doing can earn them a contempt citation. I never heard a Democrat chair give such a warning.

Finally, Congress has not used its inherent power to cite a person for contempt since 1934. Potential contempt offenses are referred to the DOJ for possible prosecution. This is the same DOJ that has issued an opinion asserting the validity of the Executive privilege Lewandowski is asserting.

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