That is also true in a sense. If DOJ prosecutors found any crimes for which he could be prosecuted, they would still have to wait till after his presidency was over. But they’ve found no crimes. Violation of the Emoluments clauses is not a criminal act and it is quite a stretch to say he has violated them in the first place. Going bankrupt is not a crime. Settling civil suits is not criminal. Making payments on non-disclosure agreements is not criminal. Hiring family to work in the White House is not criminal either. SDNY could be building a case, but, for what alleged crime, we dont know. As for “crimes” for failing to stop an epidemic, I don’t see that one in the statutes. It would be a bad idea to start criminalizing actions or inactions of government officials. Do you want to charge Coumo for killing senior citizens by forcing Covid-19 patients back in senior centers? That killed thousands.

Democrat partisans keep saying Trump committed lots of crimes, but they can’t come up with any examples. It’s just a smear. They are upset he won the 2016 election. Their remedy is not to slander Trump, but to win 270 Electoral votes the next election.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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