That’s a bunch of racist drivel and it ignores key facts. First, Black Americans are doing better under Trump. Their unemployment rate is the lowest since they started measuring it. The gap versus White unemployment has been narrowing considerably since Trump took office. The number of employed Black Americans is the highest ever. Second, a major portion of the Black American population is Middle Class and above. Back in 2016, 15% of the Black Population was Upper Middle or Upper Class and 40% was Middle Class. Under Trump, the whole distribution has shifted upward. If Trump could win 80% of the Upper Middle-Class and Upper Class and 20% of the Middle Class Black vote, he would get 20% of the Black vote overall. So getting to 15% is really a lowball estimate of what might be done. If Black Americans are doing well under Trump, why wouldn’t he garner a larger percentage than before? Why vote against a good economy, economic opportunity, criminal justice reform, fair trade, an urban infrastructure program, and stopping illegal immigration that depresses wages of lower income workers?

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Third, a number of Black Americans including Kanye West, Chance, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Candace West, and more have no trouble meeting with Trump or publicly defending him. He is no racist. He’s a reality show host and real estate developer. He’s dealt with people of all races.

Fourth, your whole analysis on economic and racial evolution is wrong. What you are missing is the incredible progress that has been made. A bloody civil war was fought to put an end to slavery. That was back in 1865. After slavery was ended, American became a land of opportunity due to the hard work and ingenuity of its people of all races and nationalities. The automobile, the airplane, radio, TV, washing machines, refrigerators, production lines, movies, the light bulb, subways, municipal water supplies, and more were all built or invented, not stolen from any group. Though Black Americans made progress, they were subject to unfair treatment, “separate but equal” schools, KKK attacks, and lynching. The era of Jim Crow started to come to an end after WWII. The Armed Forces were integrated. Baseball was integrated. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s made equal rights the law of the land. Housing discrimination, employment discrimination, and discrimination in public accommodations from bus seating to lunch counter service were all made illegal. The Voting Rights Act guaranteed the right to vote. There was clear and unmistakable progress for Black Americans. Affirmative action gave them advantages in employment and college admissions. The progress America had made was evidenced by the election of a Black American to be President of the United States, twice.

Finally, your case for reparations is weak. No one alive today was a slave and no one was a slaveholder. That alone destroys any moral case for reparations. Why should people whose ancestors fought to free the slaves pay anything? What about people whose ancestors came over after slavery had been abolished? You would be naive to think reparations will not be vulnerable to an incredible number of scams as people rush to find ancestors who were slaves. Phony documents will proliferate. Race-based reparations are tremendously divisive and impractical. In contrast, Trump’s policies on trade, immigration, and infrastructure are leading to improved standards of living for all Americans and are proving particularly beneficial for Black Americans.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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