That’s a clever way to put on a heroic mask while admitting Antifa and the intolerant Left are threatening free speech. They use violence to prevent others from expressing ideas they disagree with. Are Milo or Charles Murray or Steve Brannon gathering mobs to beat up Left-wing speakers on campuses? No, the violence on campuses almost entirely goes the other way.

This complements the larger attempt to impose political correctness in speech across society. Governments and college administrations have often done a poor job protecting free speech rights. Sometimes they even curtail free speech by imposing Orwellian codes against “hate speech”. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media are also getting into the censorship business- almost always to take down or restrict opinions not in line with liberal orthodoxy. It’s happening across the world. Marine Le Pen is on trial in France for posting a picture of ISIS torturing a human being.

This article by Greene needs to be called out as total obfuscation intended to hide the concerted campaign by the Left-Islamist-neoFeminist forces of intersectionality to impose their dogma and suppress views that differ from the dogma they espouse. I don’t mind them speaking their mind, but Antifa demonstrators who act to subvert the Constitutional rights of others should be arrested and given all expenses paid vacations in Gitmo for a few years.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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