That’s a huge set of smears you’ve created. But did you refute even one of the facts in the NY Post stories? Have you shown any of the hundreds of the emails is bogus? Many recipients of the emails say they are legit. Please try reading one of the NY Post stories. Notice they do have bylines.

Your pile of non-denial denials don’t even say Joe Biden wasn’t being bribed by the Chinese. They don’t say he didn’t get a cut from the $3mill payment made from the wife of the ex-Mayor of Moscow to Hunter. They don’t deny Joe Biden met with a Burisma official in Washington D.C. before going to the Ukraine. His campaign says the meeting was not on his official schedule, but they are not saying it did not occur. Hunter’s business partner, now in jail, confirms money was set aside for Joe. Why don’t you deny that or at least look into it?

Joe Biden has been on the take for years using his family as cutouts. Joe and his family got rich when he was in office. It is corrupt influence peddling. It has undermined US anti-corruption efforts in Iraq, Ukraine, and other countries. Several State Department officials wrote and testified that the Biden arrangements created at least the image of impropriety and a conflict of interest. It has affected US policy. It’s a disgrace that many in the press are more interested in killing the story than in investigating it.

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