That’s an incredible stretch. Donald Trump was not responsible for, did not call for, did not condone, and was in no way connected with the attack on Jussie Smullet.

Political extremists on all sides commit acts of hate and violence that they then say were motivated by politician who do not support their acts of violence. Do we blame Bernie for the armed attack by one of his supporters on the Republican Congressional caucus members practicing softball, the attack that injured Congressman Scalise?

Trump is not a racist, even if you scream that he is till you are blue in the face. It’s just a race-baiting smear.

Trump got a larger percentage of the Black vote than Bush of Romney, he did inner city campaign stops, and he appointed Ben Carson as HUD secretary. He continues to meet with groups of Black Americans. The Black Americans who meet with him are often criticized for failing to follow a political line, but why must they do what others order them to do? Kanye West was also savagely criticized for meeting with Trump. Some of the criticism was insensitive if not an outright racist attack on the man’s mental capability.

Everyone across the spectrum except for a few actual racists condemns the attack on Smullet and hopes his attackers are swiftly brought to justice. Trying to stretch the guilt to those who were not involved and who do not approve is morally inaccurate.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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