That’s certainly not the only way. It’s just the wrong way.

You seem to think these attacks on the Israeli border by masses of Palestinians from Gaza are peaceful demonstrations, a spontaneous expression of anger at the change in location of the American embassy, when they are in fact organized violent provocations by rejectionists whose strategy is to push up the death toll of their own people and thereby win a propaganda victory. They are not subhuman and they are not fools and not “orc-like creatures”. They are people dedicated to the destruction of Israel and some are willing to undertake “martyrdom” operations in furtherance of their cause. The same group running these mass attacks is also building attack tunnels. The mass demonstrations and border attacks are another front in their war against Israel. Israel does not want this war. Israel would prefer nothing better than that they would live peacefully, build up a prosperous Gaza with all the aid received, and trade with Israel to mutual benefit.

Israel continues to seek a tactical approach that balances the need to maintain border security with the goal of minimizing Palestinian casualties. Peaceful demonstrators are left alone. Tear gas and rubber bullets are used against those burning tires, launching fiery kites, and throwing stones from a distance. Live fire is reserved for those actually attempting to breach the border and those attacking Israeli soldiers on the other side. Snipers are used to minimize the number of deaths. This set of tactics has not been entirely effective: the Palestinian rejectionists have been able to get enough of their own people killed to score a partial but momentary propaganda victory. They are still losing the longer struggle- the border has not been breached, embassies are being moved, Israeli Arabs are prospering and are quite aware they have more rights in Israel than in Gaza, and Sunni Arab states are being drawn closer to Israel by common interests.

So it’s not the fault of the Palestinians and no they are not orc-like or crazed. The truth is the fatalities are desired result of an organized campaign by Palestinian rejectionists deliberately increasing the violence of their attacks in order to provoke lethal use of force against them and thereby put Israel in a bad light.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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