The advent of widespread fracking in the US has led to large increases in domestic oil and natural gas production. Coal consumption is declining. This has led to a significant reduction in US CO2 production. Thus it is historically false to state

the explosion in unconventional hydrocarbons guarantees increased greenhouse gas emissions.

The US is able to produce more energy more cheaply and with less CO2 emitted than before.

One important consequence of this is that the US is less likely to have large-scale military interventions in Mideastern wars. US energy independence also gives it more freedom of action. It can impose sanctions that reduce Iranian oil production and not worry about gas lines around the block.

The countries increasing CO2 emissions the most are China and India. They are increasing their number of coal powered plants and gas powered vehicles. They are not alone. Even Japan is building new coal-fired power plants.

The scenario in which the US, the EU, China, and othet major powers adapt to climate change is realistic. In the US, the market economy will promote efficient evolution, especially if helped along by popular government policies. The author instead champions painful measures that will lead to cuts in the standard of living. This punitive stance has been and will continue to be disastrous at the polls. Militant climate change activists who try to disrupt workers from commuting to work don’t have much working class support. Of course it is sheer fiction that some mysterious Leviathan will spring to life, impose socialism worldwide, and force reduction of CO2 emissions. The author is under the delusion some UN commission or Paris Accords committee will soon be vested with power, but the fact is those entities are powerless and are becoming even less important each day. No one has the means to get China and India to curtail CO2 emissions and that is the ball game.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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