The Civil Rights movement achieved its fundamental goals. It overthrew Jim Crow segregation and established the laws mandating equal treatment in voting, employment, housing, and public services. Those are incredible achievements. It also provided Affirmative Action programs.

Other people advocated goals that were regarded as different from the Civil Rights agenda. These included forced busing, racial quotas, and race-based reparations. None of these were ever popular with the large majority of people who accepted the principles and goals of the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement focused on the ideal of equality under the law. It stressed the concepts of fairness, opportunity, and justice for each individual.

Critical Race Theory is another manifestation of a contrary ideology in which people are viewed as part of a racial group and all events are viewed through a racial prism. This ideology demands racial quotas, and race-based protection/reparations payoffs. Its adherents dress it up lots of ways, but they ultimately want to see riots and militant race war. The riots in the latter part of the 60s are the precursors of the riots of today. Critical Race Theory is the bridge. The riots of the 60s led to such disaster that the whole concept of arson and looting as righteous racial revolution was seriously discredited. It took fifty years of Critical Race Theory to bring it back. There are still many, if not most, Americans of all races who accept the principles of the Civil Rights movement and who reject the fashionably cloaked race-baiting and protection racket that hides at the core of Critical Race Theory

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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