The Clown-show Impeachment Trial

The Democrats Amuse All As They Flop on Their Faces

The Democrats really made it quite a clown show with this Impeachment trial. They lost, as they knew they would over a week ago. So why did they go forward over the cliff? That’s the fun of watching the show. In the process they brilliantly made Trump a martyr yet again. They put him through a viciously unfair proceeding that elicited sympathy for him. From the House Instant Impeachment on, it all seemed rushed and devoid of due process. Half the country felt it was either unconstitutional or senseless. He was out of office already. What was the point really? Were Democrats truly that afraid he would run again in 2024 and beat them? They might have succeeded in making that more likely. They took several whacks at him with a big plastic hammer and it just bounced off, eliciting chuckles from the crowd.

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We already knew they hate him. They have shown they are much more interested in expressing their anger at Trump than they are in running the country. From day one, they have been obsessed with trying to impeach him and get him out of office by hook or by crook They can’t let go and they can’t get over him. Those Crazy Clowns should seek professional help to get on with their lives. As for Trump, he came through it and was acquitted. He won again.

On the day of the vote, the Democrat House Managers made incredible fools of themselves and their party. They surprised the Senate with a demand for witness testimony. The night before, Senate leadership had agreed that a motion to dispense with witnesses would be endorsed by unanimous consent. Only the Democrat Managers pulled a fast one. They were desperate. They realized their Impeachment case had been badly shredded the day before by Trump’s defense lawyers. It had been ripped to pieces on points of fact and points of law. So, the Democrat House Managers asked for witnesses. Democratic Party Senators had no choice but to follow along running around the ring in circles. It was a riotously confused vote; one Senator even asked what it was they were voting on. After the vote was taken, panic set in.

Democrats realized they had potentially opened the door to a parade of witnesses. The trial could last for weeks more. All the while the Biden legislative agenda would gather dust and his nominations would languish. It would be embarrassing too, if Nancy Pelosi was called to testify. It would highlight that she was responsible for Capitol security and had done a dreadful job. It could also further undermine the assertion Trump’s speech had incited the crowd to assault the Capitol. The FBI and NYC Police are reported to have told the Capitol Police there were extremist groups planning to assault the Capitol on January 6. Did the Capitol Policy inform Nancy Pelosi, the leader in charge? Did she deny requests from Capitol Police to call in more security? None of the other clowns wanted to see her take the stage and upstage them.

Fact Check: Did Law Enforcement Have No Information About Capitol Riot Plans? (

Along similar lines none of them wanted to have DC Mayor Muriel Bowser in the spotlight. Why had she declined help from Federal forces?

DC Mayor Told Law Enforcement To Stand Down Day Before Capitol Riot (

There was some speculation on Cable the Democrats would vote to allow themselves to call a witness, but deny ex-President Trump’s lawyers a chance to call any. That would make it painfully obvious how unfair the proceeding was. Wiser heads prevailed over the Insanely Evil Clown Posse. After a few hours of quorum calls and recesses in which the Senatorial Jokesters entertained the crowd by running around to and fro looked like a bunch of chickens without their heads, a compromise was finally reached. A deposition of hearsay testimony was allowed to be written into the record. This was about a conversation that took place after the supposed incitement had taken place. Maybe Trump should have done something different at the time or maybe he should have done something sooner. Maybe he said something in private conversation that wasn’t the most sagacious set of words ever uttered. It’s all irrelevant when his public declaration to the crowd, “peacefully and patriotically, make your voices heard”, demolishes the central allegation of the impeachment article. It also turns out the propaganda narrative that he did nothing for five hours was false. He had released a video encouraging peace at the Capitol, praising law enforcement, and asking people to go home.

Trump Calls For Peace As Riot Roils Capitol: ‘You Have To Go Home Now’ (

He had tweeted other messages urging calm and peace and an end to violence. The House Managers simply neglected to present them. It was so slick to convey a one-sided and incomplete record of his public communications. It was “evidence” that would not be allowed in any court of llaw. Everyone in the crowd gleefully chortled at this wonderful trick.

The Defense Team showed how the House Managers had slyly edited use of the word “fight” to make it seem Trump was calling for actual violence, which he wasn’t. The Defense lawyers showed Democrats used the word, “fight”, the same way in some cases, and in other cases, they were the ones encouraging actual violence.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers schooled the country on the true legal requirements of the crime of incitement and the Brandenburg v Ohio ruling by the Supreme Court.

Brandenburg v. Ohio | The First Amendment Encyclopedia (

Mr. Trump’s speech did not call for imminent violent and he never intended for violence to occur. From a legal perspective, he was absolutely innocent of the charge of incitement. He has every right to protest the election and call it rigged, just like the Democrats had every right to falsely malign the election of 2016. The impeachment proceeding ended up putting their hypocrisy and double-standards on trial. Those Clowns tried to get to the moral high ground. It was fun to watch as they stepped up a few stairs and walked off into mid-air and into the baby pool of streamers and confetti that comprised their ethical base.

When House Manager Rankin made a bizarre analogy between the President and a Fire Chief fanning the flames of a fire, the President’s lawyers lectured him like he was a failing student in first year law school. How did he not know the Supreme Court had declared elected officials have the highest level of free speech protection? Attorney Van der Veen explained the Woods case:

‘Wood, thus, stands for the proposition that a difference in political opinion expressed in the speech on an issue of voting irregularity cannot be punishable, when all that was done was to encourage investigation and peaceful political speech — just like Mr. Trump has done here.’

In the end, the mélange of arguments against Trump was diced and crushed. The 57 votes against him were a mix of hostile partisans who have always wanted to impeach him and people who used their vote as way to express their anger against the riot in the Capitol. They saw Trump as the best one to blame, damn the Constitution and the facts. Some were never-Trump Republicans who felt it was necessary to maintain their political credibility and others did it to maintain their electability is swing states. Any way you look at it though, the Democrats made real fools of themselves. Trump is acquitted and free to go after them in 2022. He is a martyr who withstood an unfair lynch mob. The Democrats look like inept clowns recovering from a psychotic breakdown.

If the Republicans take the House in 2022, Trump will be in a position to suggest which Democrats should be impeached, whether they are in or out of office. That will all be courtesy of the dangerously stupid precedent the Democrats have set. Their rabid partisans had fantasies that people with an iota of sense knew were delusional. Yet the Democrats went on anyway and look all the more ludicrous for it. I must say though: it was fun watching them cleverly shift the focus away from their 2020 victory while playing pinata with the theme of unity their supposed leader had announced. That and the plethora of missteps and pratfalls made it quite enjoyable to watch their Clown-show Impeachment. At least it took our minds off Covid and the Economy.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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