The collapse is all in your mind. What’s going on in the world is far different. America is literally booming. Unemployment rates are at a 75 year low and Black and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest since they started keeping the stats.

US GDP was up over 3% last quarter, while EU GDP growth was 1.5%.

Real wages are finally rising. Inflation is quite low at 2%.

The percentage of people below the poverty line is dropping and is 5 points lower than it was a decade ago. Consumer confidence in the US is quite strong.

Of course the US has survived and prospered and definitely not collapsed when all of these stats were much worse.

Meanwhile for those in the US who are not dramatically prospering, there is an array of social benefits. Food stamps, WIC, and school lunch programs provide food which is supplemented by private good banks and charities. There is homelessness, and an array of programs to combat it.

Innovation is exploding everywhere. New apps, drones, driverless cars, better medical imaging, and even more advanced phones are coming on line. Venture capitalism in Silicon valley is still going at a frenetic pace. It’s far from collapsing.

This is not Nirvana and there are certainly problems. But collapse? Not even close.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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