The connection between historical racism and recent Islamophobia you are trying to make is a fiction.

Most Black African slaves shipped to the Americas were captured by Black Muslim tribes who sold them to White Arab-speaking Muslim traders who sold them to White Christian slave traders. Lots of guilt to go around.

Historically wars of conquest of parts of Black Africa by Muslims have been going on for centuries, before, during, and after European colonialism and continue to this day from Nigeria to Sudan. Black Muslim extremists have no problem pillaging, kidnapping, raping, and killing Black African non-Muslims.

It is also instructive to ask; Who abolished slavery and where does it still continue?

Granted some of the first Muslims in America were Blacks brought as slaves, it is false to connect that to current justifiable fear of extreme Islamist terrorism. War against AlQaeda and ISIS is not grounded in racist ideology. Opposition to Islamist violence and wars of conquest is not Islamophobia. The first war the US fought was against the Islamic Barbary pirates who were mostly light-skinned.

You appear to have conflated, invented, and spuriously connected a series of events in order to justify a holier-than-thou purity of thought which you express in garbled condescending barbs. What comes through nonetheless is a bitterness and self-imposed isolation the prevents you from even listening to speeches from the Women’s March while walled off in the reality of your own making. Let go of the hate and embrace the world while being who you are. You can listen to views not your own and not crumble inside. You are stronger than that.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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